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Fixer Group’s Thom O’Leary Co-Authors Book with SCOTTeVEST’s Scott Jordan

When long-time client Scott Jordan wanted to develop a book as a marketing tool for his company SCOTTeVEST, he turned to Fixer Group’s Thom O’Leary for help.  Thom was involved from day one to develop the concept, theme, tone, visuals and to put words to paper.  The result has been astounding.  What began as a marketing element evolved into an incredibly well-received book.

Steve Wozniak, co-Founder of Apple, wrote the foreword and the book has received praise from Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Hap Klopp (Founder of The North Face) and many others.

When Pocket Man hit the shelves November 5th, 2014 Scott’s company received quite a sustained splash of awareness.  Follow-up books are already in the works.  You can check out Pocket Man on Amazon and Thom O’Leary’s author page on Amazon.

Ask yourself this: if Fixer Group can put together a 230 page non-fiction book as part of a marketing strategy for a client… is there anything we can’t do for you?