If You Need E-Commerce Help & Don't Know Who to Call...

You Need a FIXER

We Connect All the Dots that Lead to E-Comm Growth


We’re businesspeople – not freelancers – and we know what makes online businesses profitable.

You live, eat, sleep and breathe your brand, but you’re too close to it.  Fixer uncovers hidden pockets of potential revenue within the customer experience of your store, and brings them to light.  Whether words, pixels, audience, or flow are holding you back from your site’s full potential, there is a fix.

Our mission – should you choose to accept it – is to create so much value for your brand that you look back at the end of the year and realize that working with us was the best investment you made.

We have worked with:

Thom surpassed my expectations. His expertise runs deep… [and] has provided business and technical guidance that will make the process more streamlined and thorough. Thom not only delivered what we agreed to, he also went beyond and became my partner in the business.”

Amanda Willinger

VP, Digital & E-Commerce, LAGOS

Thom O'Leary

Thom O'Leary

President, FIXER LLC

We have one goal: To produce a significant ROI for you and your online store…

and we want to work with you to achieve it.  I’m a business owner and a former Chief Marketing Officer, so I know what you are up against.  I’ve built my company and a quiet reputation in the internet retail industry based on trust, great work and profitable results.  We want to learn about you, your company and what you want tomorrow to look like for your business.  Together, we’ll put together a plan of action that achieves those goals and is clearly divided into specific milestones.

Send me a note about what you want to achieve – or a problem that you have identified – and we can set up a time to chat.

Kickstarter Case Study

Even well-established brands can benefit from crowdfunding as an effective marketing technique.  To explore the ins-and-outs of Kickstarter, we developed a product, launched our own Kickstarter project and documented the entire process.  This is the EST Collection experiment.

I love this guy! There was never an issue that Thom could not solve… never a question he could not answer. And he’s creative too. My websites look great, are responsive on all formats, and I’m getting more traffic than ever.”

Jenny Jones


Thom and Fixer Group are a critical component of our sales and marketing success.  They have deep experience in e-commerce and combine the best of both strategic and tactical capabilities.  We count Thom amongst our most valued advisors to our growing brand. 

David Cooper

President, Keyport

I have been using the list you sent me months ago to expand our mailing list and customer base… your master list has been our bible… I even have it laminated.”

Mike Burton

Head of E-Commerce, COUNTYCOMM Government Products Group

Working with Thom was so easy. He gave us so much helpful advice on how to improve our online store, and broke it down into easily digestible steps and categories. As a start-up shop, Thom guided us through some of the more complicated processes and made sure we could start off strong. We were able to make small, simple changes that made a big difference.”

Beth Gibbs

Producer, Andrew Zimmern

Client Wins

(while actually working with these clients, not six years later)

We Have Developed Case Studies with:

We Focus on Sustained Growth.

quick wins + forward thinking strategies = long-term success

Time is a precious commodity, and we want to respect yours.  We might NOT be a good fit if…


  1. You are unwilling to change, innovate and experiment.  Trying something new is at the core of what we do.
  2. You thrive on red tape.  We move super fast because we know – as you know – each day that your conversion rate is down, you are losing money.  We work hard to make the process painless from our end and we need you to commit to do the same on your end.
  3. You view improving your store as an expense, not an investment.  While we can’t calculate your potential ROI growth without first seeing your metrics, we only work with clients whose businesses we can significantly grow.

If you embrace radically good ideas that are implemented with precision, we just might be a perfect match.


Year Over Year Revenue Growth

Spearheaded the e-commerce replatforming project for a luxury goods client after spearheading their e-commerce re-platforming resulting in significant YOY growth.  They continue to experience high double-digit percentage growth.



Revenue Growth Over 5 Years

We led marketing for an online apparel client and brought them into the 8-figure yearly revenue bracket with every quarter profitable and their KPIs far above the internet retail industry average.


Total Yearly Revenue Achieved

We increased direct e-comm revenue 70% YOY for a fast fashion client, with their total online sales exceeding $20 million during our yearlong engagement.


Channel Revenue Growth YOY

We revamped a client’s email marketing program leading them to 43.78% year over year revenue growth in the first 6 months, on track to exceed 100% YOY channel growth by the next holiday season.